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home decor that you should throw out immediately

They seem fun, but all they’re good for is clutter

Now that my house is for sale, I’m in the midst of making everything all neat and tidy. If anyone who is interested in buying the house suddenly shows up at my doorstep, I won’t have to run through the house like some kind of maniac to make sure the place looks decent. So, I’ve had one major cleaning sesh and I’ve been keeping it up ever since. This also meant that I had to take out sixteen bags filled with trash and all my little accessories found new places in my closets and cabinets. I like them, but it turns out that most of the accessories in my house were the cause of all the clutter I have. So, I got rid of them. Trust me when I say this, your house will be a lot more spacious, light and serene.

Empty out the kitchen

I’m a sucker for kitchen supplies. New salt shakers, weck jars filled with pasta and muesli and containers that are good for storing tea bags and such… They’re all great, but they’re messy at the same time. Put all of them together and you’ll be left with a mess of things and it looks like chaos.

Magazine piles

Since I didn’t have enough room in the shelves in my closet for my magazines, I thought it would be cool idea to make piles of them on the floor in my house. Arranged by color and size. In reality, this idea wasn’t so great and all they really did was collect dust. Plus, if you wanted to pull out one of the magazines, they would all shift and no longer be tidy and the odds of you ever really reading any of them again is slim to none. So throw them out. It’ll save you extra cleaning and leave you with more space.

“So throw them out. It’ll save you extra cleaning and leave you with more space”

Pillows and blankets

I always love those couches and beds at Ikea that are filled with hundreds of pillows. They make me want to jump right in. My boyfriend looks at it differently though, because he sees the practical problem: ‘Getting rid of them will save you the time from always having to take them off and then put them back on.’ The styling team at Ikea is amazing, but if you add one bad print into the mix, your styling is off point and all you’re left with is a couch or a bed full of clutter.

Shelves and containers

I used to love these (yes, all these tips and tricks are from my own experience, so I know where and how it can all go wrong). A bunch of boxes or containers set up together but as time goes by, you start filling them up with everything you come across. And those cool containers turn into cluttered storage with all kinds of horrendous things. Ribbons from presents, tags that you pulled off of new clothes, sachets that you get with flowers and bottle caps. You know, things that you think are fun to keep or that you’ll use at some later stage, but all they do is clutter. Throw them out. It’s better you don’t start filling up your shelves with these boxes and containers.

”Everybody loved this idea and started gifting her all these great vases.”

Little vases

Our shopping editor Lilian has funny little vases with flowers in her kitchen. Everybody loved this idea and started gifting her all these great vases. She could’ve started her own flower shop from all the vases she got and the stylish aspect faded quickly. And that goes for pretty much everything. It’s fun as long as it’s just a couple of candles and vases together, but you need to know when you have to stop.

Picture frames

I saw this idea on Pinterest once. All of these picture frames in different sizes all hung up together on one wall like you have your own little gallery at home. And that is precisely the problem. It looks good in a gallery. There’s a lot of space, so it fits. But at home you have furniture, lights hanging from the ceiling, cabinets so filling one wall with a lot of frames will make it look chaotic. Just spread them out throughout your home. Or move them to the garage or basement. Brings back the gallery vibe.