Daily shot of sleaze

Wrecking Ball 2.0

Call it a coincidence but this past Monday Kiki suddenly said: ‘Don’t you guys think it’s been awfully quiet around Miley Cyrus lately? I mean, we used to see nude photos on the regular.’ Have you ever seen her shoot with Terry Richardson… Read more.

Amayzine top 3

Daily May


May-Britt had me on the edge of my seat for four weeks. You might recall the story of May-Britt spending a fortune… Read more.


Creep it real good

The one week countdown to Halloween has begun. Although I think the most of us will be celebrating the night of the dead this weekend. Don’t have an outfit yet?… Read more.

Look of the day

Kiki Düren

Confession: ik vind het dus eigenlijk altijd vet awkward om te poseren (lees dit maar even), maar gelukkig weet huisfotografe Vivian me altijd zo… Read more.

Look of the day

Josselin Bijl

I might be one of the few who really doesn’t mind that the temperatures are decreasing. Look, I can spend hours complaining about rain, but the cold can be cozy… Read more.

Daily shot of sleaze

is this the new britney?

Amsterdam Dance Event has officially kicked off ladies and gents. No idea what it is? Simply put: all the worlds best DJs in Amsterdam for 5 whole days. Perhaps the idea sounds awful to you though cause you’re more of a rock and roll kinda girl… Read more.

Daily May

you go kristina

Discribing the search for the perfect shade of nude lipstick in one word? Hell. I’ve been looking for the perfect color à la Kristina Bazan… Read more.