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Daily shot of sleaze

The horror: Ryan gosling married?

And you thought your hearts couldn’t break anymore than they already did after hearing about the Brangelina split. Well boy, were you wrong. As in: Ryan Gosling is now officially off the market. Brad might be back on it, but secretly we all want Ryan, right?… Read more.

Look of the day

Iris Rehorst

It’s nothing new that we’ve got a soft spot for anything Scotch & Soda at our office. Hence the reason this look by ‘Scotch Lady’ Iris thrills us… Read more.

Daily May

Yeez Louise

A package made its way to my office desk yesterday afternoon. One I had secretly been hoping would have arrived before I left to New York, but alas… Read more.

Look of the day

Kalkidan Mesfin

Good morning friends. May I introduce you to this beaut? Her name is Kalkida and she works as a marketing assistant at Esprit. This Amsterdam based stunner is showing us how to make the perfect transition from summer to fall… Read more.

Travel & Hotspots

London Diary

Day 2

After only sleeping a scarce number of hours, we thought we would be able to start the day off feeling fresh and radiant. False. The boiler in our hotel was broken which meant that the water in our shower was incredibly cold. Read more.


Peter Hahn

Tomorrow is the first official day of the fall. That sentence might sound like the end of the world to you because it means colder weather is on it’s way, but honestly, it’s not as bad as you think… Read more.

Daily shot of sleaze

the unapologetic offspring

You’ve got seven weeks left persuade those final voters that you will be the one to ‘make America great again’ and then your son goes and does this. I’m not quite sure Donald Trump Jr. understands how social media works, but everything you post, even if you delete it a few seconds later, is seen and gets screen shotted by dozens… Read more.