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May-Britt Mobach

Coincidentally, I spent my weekend walking around in sweatpants. Alright, it might have been a lovely pair that I scored in a store in the south of the Netherlands and I matched it with a shirt from Alix The Label, but still, it was unique… Read more.

Daily May

Tequila made me do it

When I came back to the office after a mini vacay at the beach, I found a small present waiting for me on my desk. It was a small bracelet with the sweetest regards from our beauty editor… Read more.

Travel & Hotspots

London DIARY

Day 1

They always tell you to write a diary at the end of the day. That’s when everything you’ve experienced throughout the day is still fresh. Thus far LFW, together with our shopping editor Lilian, has been a real adventure… Read more.


office attire

Did your summer fly by and do you find yourself already dealing with a bit of Monday Madness now that you had to bid farewell to the weekend? I get it… Read more.

Travel & Hotspots

Our Girl in New York

The fashion enthused week in New York has come and gone. And that meant the city was packed with people who work in fashion, lots of glasses of wine and cups of coffee, changing outfits about a hundred different times before setting foot outside the… Read more.

Amayzine top 3


A 1000 dollars worth of makeup (part 1)

It’s obviously all Dominique Samuels’ fault. And Victoria Beckham’s. Let’s not forget about her. I left New York with a suitcase with absolutely zero new items of clothing (besides the Frozen and Tinkerbell pjs from the Disney Store on Times Square)… Read more.

Look of the day


Yesterday Lilian and I flew to London for Fashion Week and before we left, I have to admit, the nerves started to kick in. How the heck was I going to be able to pack all my fashion week worthy clothing into an teeny tiny suitcase… Read more.

Daily May

I need this scarf

Dear fashion friends and Hermés obsessed lovers: if for some reason you plan to be in Amsterdam on the 24th of September then I’ve got something cool for you… Read more.

Look of the day

Sanne Bolten

If there’s someone we like, odds are, they’ll appear on our site a little more often than just once. Take Sanne Bolten for example, we love it when her pretty looks appear on our site… Read more.

Look of the day

Simone Olivia

The great thing about the final days of summer is that it’s still warm enough to walk around outside with bare legs. I happen to loathe tights, or whatever they’re called… Read more.

Look of the day

Charlie van der Ligt

What do you wear when you’re being treated to a wonderful few days of an indian summer? One word: floral. Now I know I would never be able to pull off wearing these pants… Read more.


popped my nyfw cherry

Holy shit. Can we please talk about this jet lag I’m dealing with? I’ve been back for a day and I think the amount of coffee I’m living off is what a regular Starbucks serves in an hour. But heck, I promise I’m not complaining because I just got to spend five days in New York to check out the circus we all know and loved called fashion week. Read more.

Daily shot of sleaze

queen of the selfie

Yesterday morning May-Britt and I landed back in Amsterdam after having spent five days in New York for fashion week. This evidently means that our phones are flooding with photos of the oh so photogenic city. I’d say we’ve got plenty of pictures we can post… Read more.

Look of the day

Selina Martin

I always bump into Selien at the most random parties and she’s always a vibrant, fashionable and attentive girl. What does she do for a living?… Read more.

Daily May

office battles

At our Amsterdam HQ I share an office space with our shopping editor Lilian and Elke. If there’s one thing we all have a thing for, it’s office supplies… Read more.

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Day 2

‘Are you guys having fun?’ ‘Are you out drinking cocktails?’ Or how about this one: ‘How’s your holiday?’ These are just a few examples of the apps that I’ve been getting forms friends and colleagues… Read more.