Office essentials:

Things to always keep at the office

Last week I went with Josselin and May-Britt to the annual Christmas presentation of Estée Lauder Companies. All their brands (Estée, Jo Malone, Aveda, Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford, La Mer, Clinique and many others) showed off their plans for the coming new year and all the important people from magazine land were present. Only, it had slipped my mind and I turned up to work in fairly ugly sneakers, a large jumper and no make-up on my face. Shit. There I was in my togs, in-between the Cécile Narinxes and Hilmar Mulders of the world. Now is the time that you will have Christmas drinks and other end of year parties thrown at you, so be prepared. Study the following list and make sure that you always have these things at your office so you are always ready to go.

Black heels

I would have killed for a pair of black heels during the Estée presentation. It is my firm resolution to, as soon as I am finished the house rebuild, to keep a pair of black always-good-heels at the office so that I can be prepared to show up anywhere, even in the case of a hungover sneaker day.


Not only handy for when you have an unexpected party, but also for when you are already wearing pantyhose and accidentally get a ladder in them 10 minutes before an important meeting with the head of the company.

 Foundation, powder and mascara

If you don’t have the time or desire to make yourself up in the morning, but don’t find yourself presentable enough to appear au natural at an event or meeting. Ensure that these three basics are always in your desk drawer and you’ll always be prepared.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Especially for smokers, or for those who were a little greedy with the old cheese at lunch.

Nail polish remover, cotton-wool and a base coat

My nails often have a layer of peeling polish on them and I only notice it when I need to appear somewhere looking good, and then there’s never any remover or cotton-wool in sight. So not chic. Should be a standard in your work drawer, and a base coat is always good.

 A little black dress

Depends on how much space you have at work, but having a simple LBD for any occasion is great to have at easy reach.

Perfume and deo

For a crisp feeling and a fresh smell; you’ll feel more confident and so far better if you know that you don’t have any stink clouds hanging around you.