Party Essentials

Nice, getting yourself all ready for Christmas dinners, drinks and parties, but not so nice if it’s all disappeared by the time the main course is served. How is a mystery, but make-up can disappear. Or it runs and that is also not the aim. No. We want sheen, we want glitter and we want to enjoy it for as long as possible. How? Take my advice and products to heart and you will – hopefully – have no more problems.

The basis

Start clean. Cliche, maybe but a good beginning is half the work. So cleanse thoroughly. A painter does not start on a canvas with paint splotches. The only time you don’t start clean is when you want to touch up your make-up, so work in layers. Back to the start. After cleansing, hydrate your skin well. Like with a dry oil from Nuxe. A dry oil gives moisture, but also works as a primer and make-up stays better on a well hydrated face. After the oil, which you can also use on your legs for a fabulous shine, use a primer. Patches, spots or wrinkles can all be hidden and a primer leaves you with an even skin. A great basis for concealer and foundation, which follow on. First concealer, then foundation. Don’t forget to apply concealer around the lips, on the lips, around the eyes and on the eyelids, because it allows your eyeshadow and lipstick to last longer and to look better. Concealer goes with you in your clutch of course for during the evening, and will become one of your best friends.

1.Huile Prodigieuse, Limited Edition, € 32, Nuxe
2. Photo Finish Foundation Light, € 13, Smashbox via
3.  Aqua Foundation, € 42,95, CHANEL via
4. Touche Éclat Concealer, € 37,95, YSL via

The follow up

Once you have a good basis, you can go wild. Want a smokey eye? Fine. A natural look, also good. It’s up to you. I advise only two things. Forget mascara and go for fake lashes. You won’t need to worry about running mascara and you’ll have lashes like Chiara Ferragni. And you want both. Secondly, use a highlighter. A little under the brow, a bit on the nose, the wings of your nose and the two bones on your forehead. It looks very chic and makes the shape of your face stand out beautifully. Finished your make-up? Use a setting spray to keep everything in it’s place. Spray away.

5. Audrey lashes, € 8,95, Leco Lashes via
6. Exclusive Creation Camélia de Plumes, € 56, CHANEL via 

Little extras

There are a few other little bits that are very handy for during the evening. A Lip Conditioner will keep your lips glossy, but also good for the cheeks. If your make-up starts looking a little dull, smear a drop on your cheeks and the gloss is back. Transparent nail polish is also handy. Not only for ladders in stockings, but for chips in your nails. I totally understand that you don’t want to carry an entire bottle around in your clutch, but OPI has mini bottles. A perfume atomiser is also a good idea. Imagine smelling like the food of the evening. You could smear yourself in from top to toe with a wonderful scented body lotion beforehand, that’s a great start. I said start right? Take you favourite perfume with in a little atomiser, and spray a touch every now and then. Finally. An aspirin. Handy for if you suddenly get a painful spot, but also good to take at the end of the evening. Helps to minimise headaches and for a smooth, taut skin the morning after.

7. Lip Conditioner, € 16, MAC Cosmetics via
8. Nail polish, transparent, € 14,25, OPI via
9. Perfume atomiser, € 5,95, Douglas
10. Aspirin